How it Works

Our award research and booking process is quick, efficient, and produces the best itinerary for your needs.

Step 1 – Submit Request

Submit your award request using our online request form. This will collect the details that we need to research your request. Please note that a $25 non-refundable deposit is securely collected at the end of the booking form.

Step 2 – Research and Proposal 

You will hear from us within 48 hours, unless a ‘Rush Service’ is requested. We will either contact you with a proposal or with a question. Note that proposals are provided in “generic form” until final payment is received.

Step 3 – Amendments and Payment

If you do not approve the proposal, we will adjust the proposal as much as reasonably possible. Once you approve the proposal, you would pay our final invoice. Please see our fee schedule. Once paid, we will send you the detailed itinerary and arrange the booking.

Step 4 – Booking

All awards are booked by telephone, either directly with us, or by conference call with the award program. We do all the hard work – we just need you for a few minutes on the telephone to authorize the transaction with the award program and/or provide required information. Once booked, we will email you a confirmation of all booking references.

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