Thank you again for your excellent service. It exceeded my expectations in terms of the personalized attention and quick response time, and the itinerary you were able to pull together is wonderful. I would not hesitate to use your service again and look forward to working with you in the future. – Maggie from Timmins

In addition to all the money your services saved me, I am appreciative of your persistence and ingenuity in making our itinerary work. – William from Winnipeg

I thank you for this INCREDIBLE service and we look forward to using you again. – Jennifer from Calgary

I recently used Awarding Canada to book our flight from Halifax to Athens using our Aeroplan points. They saved us hundreds of dollars and the process was simple and fast. In the past, we have booked on the Aeroplan site and/or through their call centre which incurs a fee of about $35. Online, the cost for a business class round trip was going to be $615 plus 105,000 points. The fees are for the fuel surcharges and taxes. Using Awarding Canada our tickets were $186 plus 105,000 points each. Awarding Canada charges $100 per passenger as their fee. So our total cost per person was $286 – business class. Plus no extra charge to have a few days layover in one of our connecting cities. – Peggy from Halifax

Awarding Canada booked a round trip business class flight for me and my husband from Ottawa–Montreal–Istanbul & Istanbul–Warsaw–Toronto-Ottawa on the dates we requested using Aeroplan points. It cost $300 in fees (compared to the $2000 in fees that I was able to find searching on my own)! We will certainly use this service again. – Tzylah from Ottawa

Thank you for your efforts and amazingly fast service. I have booked the itinerary with Aeroplan exactly as you provided. My total cost was $305 including your service and Aeroplan charges. In comparison, Aeroplan’s offers were all in excess of $1,000! – David from Halifax

Thank you for the great itinerary you have diligently found. Your service (as in your persistent attentiveness) in finding the most economical and time worthy schedule, is fabulous. – Paul from London

I am very pleased with the service provided by Dominik. Our request was challenging, and he spent time and effort to get us the best possible solution.– Allan from Regina


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