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Award inventory only represents a small fraction of available seats, and many award search engines don’t display all available routings. Awarding Canada can help develop a routing where the website does not show it, and try and reduce your taxes and fees associated with the award by routing you on airlines that don’t have fuel surcharges. Further, we can provide advice on how to maximize your trip by taking advantage of routing rules.
Awarding Canada Inc. is a Canadian business based in Ottawa, Ontario. We are not travel agents, rather, we are experts in using credit card points and frequent flyer miles for award travel. The President, Avery, has flown over 500,000 miles, mostly in Business and First Class, and has spent less than the cost of one Business Class ticket for all of this. He uses his expertise in points and miles, earned mostly by strategically using credit cards, to give him all this nearly free travel. He is the author of www.dcta.ca (Don’t Call the Airline!), a popular Canadian travel blog, part of the Boarding Area family.
Air Miles Reward Miles (not Aeroplan!) do not use standard award seats. Rather, they have their own special award inventory. That inventory is displayed on the Air Miles website. We do not provide services for Air Miles because the website is the best tool to find an itinerary, thus we cannot provide any additional value to you.
Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer. Award inventory opens up on different schedules depending on the routing. Typically, it is best to book your award as early as possible, but not earlier than a year in advance. However, last-minute award inventory can also be very favourable.
No. Awarding Canada is not a licensed travel agency in the Province of Ontario. We are a consulting service. Although we can help you with award bookings, due to the fact that we are unlicensed, we cannot provide any advice or guidance for paid flights, tours, car rentals, insurance, or any other service typically provided by travel agents.
In almost all cases, yes! We know frequent flyer program rules very well, and can use those to reduce your taxes and fees. However, we are still at the mercy of what is available for award inventory. Therefore, although we can almost always reduce your taxes and fees comparable to what you find yourself, there are instances when the award availability is so tight that there aren’t many options to reduce your taxes and fees – this is very rare!


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